Boujaad Rugs

Can a carpet change your life? Maybe not but it can certainly bring you joy every time you look at it. Take these aesthetically pleasing Boujaad rugs with their bold vibrant abstract designs for example. The composition and colours of these rugs have a painterly quality to them with the weavers taking inspiration from the Bauhaus art movements in the 1960's as well as from their Berber tribal neighbours.

It is thought that the Boujaad tribal rugs date back to the 15th Century. Their popularity soared in the late 20th Century and they are still as popular today. Contemporary and vintage Boujaads are handwoven in a small region of Haouz, Morocco between the Middle Atlas and the Atlantic Ocean using natural wool often recycled from old blankets, and both natural and synthetic dyes. Traditionally these rugs were considered as a status symbol for the Moroccan people and were highly sought after for their design and craftsmanship. Contemporary woven Boujaad rugs have strong, eye-catching vibrant colours which, with age, can soften into lovely washed pastel tones, reflecting how ageing mellows energy into wisdom through experience. Owning a Boujaad rug, be it vintage or new, is like owning a work of art; the big question is do you put it on your wall or the floor?