Large Carpets

Search our stock for the size you need. We have a good selection of carpets over 365 cm (12') long, and hold a smaller quantity of carpets over 445 (15') long up to 747 cm (28'. If we don’t have what you need in any size, our trusted suppliers are likely to have it! Please enquire directly to 0131 662 1612 or email info@nomadstent.co.uk.

If you want to replace a worn carpet with the same design, bespoke can be the best and may be the only answer. We have weavers in Iran, Turkey and India able to help us meet your exact needs.

 A STORY IN A CARPET - Bespoke Commissions

We can weave a carpet or kilim to reflect the story of the house, a historic style or family history or combination of all these.

Projects are directed by Andrew Haughton. With research and collaboration, we will create a carpet that is appropriate to a certain period. Perhaps you need to compliment a particular interior design plan or have a  carpet that fits an exact size requirement.  

Historically carpets very often reflect the natural world. We often turn to Laura Mackenzie to design special commissions.

Left: Design meeting for the Kincardine Castle Garden carpet.

See our blog on the making of the Kincardine Garden Carpet Castle project here.


Laura is both an accomplished artist and highly experienced landscape gardener with over 40 years of experience. These skills combine perfectly with the weavers art when designing a carpet or kilim. Laura develops scale plans and colour renderings, working closely with our clients. We then produce samples and oversee the weaving through to completion and delivery. 

We welcome any enquiries. Email info@nomadstent.co.uk or call (+44) 0131 662 1612 or Andrew on  (+44) 07780 858 824.