Nomads Tent Tour Recommendations for 2024
Andrew's tour notes for 2024

Travel has been part of what we do at The Nomads Tent since 1983. 2024 promises to be a year of travel for me personally and a continuation of my rediscovery of Anatolia. Last October I accompanied Rufus Reade and 17 fellow travellers on Rufus’s thrilling tour through parts of Central and Western Anatolian. It was my first proper visit for many years.  Below are details of two tours I'm joining this year and two tours I would like to recommend.


I’ll be joining my friend Deniz Coşkun in late June 2024 for a remarkable and very exciting tour. Deniz was our excellent guide in Turkey on Rufus Reade Tours 'Rugs, Ruins and Ruminations' in October 2023. Deniz has spent his life studying natural dyes and the life of the last remaining nomadic weavers of Anatolia. With an authentic goats hair Black Tent and pack horses, we will follow the ancient nomadic paths (max 7 or 8 miles walking per day), share in the nomadic life and enjoy the beauty of the Taurus Mountain region. 
Booking is now open for 23rd June to 5th July and 8th to 20th September 2024. See here for details.
Eastern Turkey and Georgia 14th to 30th September 2024
(with an optional extension to Armenia 30th Sept to 7th October)
Escorted by Rufus Reade
Though not usually given to superlatives, Rufus described this tour to me as a once in a lifetime opportunity. After running Rufus Reade Tours for over 30 years, that says a lot! Visitors to The Nomads Tent often praise the careful planning and well researched programs Rufus presents, always supported by well informed local guides and often exploring locations other tours don't reach or even know about. There are just a few places left on this very special tour which I'm very pleased to be accompanying. See here for details.

It seems like a dream, just before Lockdown hit the world, that my wife Heidi and I spent a week touring the lush hills and rich cultures of Assam and Meghalaya in N E India. Guided by our friends Anna-Louise Meynell and Champak Deka, we took gentle walks, crossed the mighty Brahmaputra and tramped around the rather Scottish highlands of Meghalaya. With Native Northeast you will see and interact with a living, breathing holistic culture. Anna-Louise and Champak offer two tours. And do go to their website to learn about their remarkable work.