Iconic Iran NMS Special Collections Study Session
(Image © National Museums Scotland)

A Source of Constant Inspiration: the Garden in Iranian Art and Crafts

Friday 10th March, 11am or 2pm

Part of Iconic Iran, March 2023

A visit to the Reserve Collection at the National Museums Collection Centre, Granton, Edinburgh, led by Friederike Voigt, Principle Curator.

This is an opportunity to get up close to key objects selected by Friederike. They will include textiles, ceramics, metal and lacquer work and a contemporary felt piece by artist Bita Ghezelayagh. Except for the felt, they were all acquired during the tenure of one of the museums founding directors, and noted collector, Robert Murdoch Smith.

The garden and related elements such as trees and flowers were reinterpreted by Iranian artists and craftspeople again and again over time. These visual depictions will be linked with the literary context in which they often appear. Friederike will touch on the quintessential Persian ‘chahar bagh’ or walled garden, its use for social activities, pleasure and fruit growing, its symbolic connection to Paradise and the tree of life.

(Image © National Museums Scotland)

Friederike Voigt is Principal Curator, West, South and South East Asian Collections at the National Museum of Scotland. She is currently working on a book about the museum's Iranian collection featuring some of the objects discussed here.

Tours will be at 11am or 2pm. Places are limited. The tour will last approximately 90 minutes. 

Address: National Museums Collection Centre,
242 West Granton Rd, Edinburgh, EH5 1JA

Tickets £15 available here.