Iconic Iran: Film Night
'Chigh' and 'The Sofreh of Kamo'
7.30pm Thursday 9th March.
Part of Iconic Iran, March 2023.

'Chigh'.  A short documentary film by poet and acclaimed Iranian film maker, Mohammad Reza Aslani, showing the making of a reed screen, also known as a 'chigh', by Iranian Kurdish nomads. Chigh, often intricately designed, are used as tent dividers and as walls in their summer shelters.  Aslani uses the making process to show how a nomadic family shares the tasks and how their family structure works. For example, we see that the men go in search of the reeds and cut them with a knife while the women tension their loom with pebbles suspended from

threads according to traditional know-how. A wonderful aspect of this short film is the way that Aslani imbues a practical examination of the process with intensely mystical poetic, musical and visual references. This short film is a little masterpiece from a renowned poet and experimental film and documentary maker. (A rare chigh will be in our exhibition.) 

In the break we will share some refreshments.

The Sofreh of Kamo. Ghasem Salimi, photographer, rug collector and documentary film maker, takes us into the weavers homes and shows a special and rare type of kilim weaving. With touches of humour and pathos balanced with a detailed look at a remarkable weaving genre, this documentary is a very special record of a simple artefact with a unique aesthetic and the social culture surrounding it.

The film was made in and around the village of Kamo, Joshagan Province, Central Iran. Authentic examples of Sofreh kilims are quite hard to find but The Nomads Tent has managed to acquire a collection which will be for sale in our exhibition.

See notes about Ghasem Salimi and the making of this film here.

Tickets £8/£6 available here.

Refreshments included in price.