'Aleppo: from World City to Civil War' by Dr Philip Mansel

Thursday 6th May 2021, 6pm

Hosted by The Nomads Tent via Zoom

Using unpublished pictures and photographs, in this lecture Philip Mansel shows that Aleppo was a city which challenged categories and generalisations.

The Souk of Aleppo 1940

Lying between the desert and the sea, the mountains of Anatolia and the banks of the Euphrates, it was Arab and Turkish; Kurdish and Armenian; Christian, Muslim and Jewish. 

An Arabic-speaking city with a Muslim majority, under the Ottoman Empire Aleppo also became a centre of French culture and Catholic missions. Until 2012 Aleppo was distinguished by its harmony. For four hundred years, whatever their origin, its inhabitants had lived together relatively peacefully. The reasons for this harmony, and for its destruction in the Syrian civil war, are the subject of this talk.

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