Symposium 2017: Travellers and Treasures of the Ottoman World


Saturday 6th May, 9.30am

Symposium 2017: ‘Travellers and Treasures of the Ottoman World’

Embarking upon his first journey away from his home city of Istanbul in 1640 in response to a powerful dream, the Ottoman courtier Evliya Celebi travelled the length and breadth of the sultan’s domains and beyond for over 40 years. Little-known outside Turkey until recently, he recounted his adventures with passion and humanity in what is considered to be the longest travelogue in any language. This self-styled ‘world traveller and boon companion of mankind’, described a world, including a large swathe of Europe, that we mostly only know from the perspective of Europeans. We will also hear of Europeans who travelled into the Ottoman realm, find out about Ottoman carpets in Venice, and learn of the extraordinary origins of a group of Turkish rugs hanging in Transylvanian churches for nearly 500 years. And nearer home: just how is a certain ‘close’ on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile connected to Ottoman naval exploits?

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Entry: £60 (£40 for students); to book student concession tickets please phone 0131 662 1612

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