EUSO’s 25th anniversary concert: Invitation to the Seraglio

Sunday 14th May, 7pm

Venue: The Canongate Kirk

Invitation to the Seraglio focuses on the Ottoman passion for European music at a time when Guiseppe Donizetti was in charge of the Sultans military bands and when Liszt gave recitals at the imperial court by the Bosphorus. Dr Araci released this repertoire on a Warner Classics CD of the same title. He gave the very first concert of the repertoire during his student days at the then Faculty of Music with the Edinburgh University String Orchestra, which he co-founded with fellow students back in 1992. The concert will feature polkas, marches and waltzes by Italian pashas and the Ottoman sultans.

The Nomads Tent would like to thank Dr Araci and the EUSO for sharing their 25th anniversary concert with Ottoman Horizons in what promises to be a splendid finale to the festival. For more information visit: string.eusa.ed.ac.uk or find them on Facebook or Twitter.

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Please be advised that the concert is now starting at 7pm (not 7.30 as previously advertised)


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