New production Bijar, N Iran. This is arguably the best rug currently in the shop. Woven in an artisan workshop in Northern Iran where the aim is to produce quality rather than quantity. The master weavers use very soft Kurdish hand-spun wool and the best natural dyes we have seen in use in Iran today. This is a classic design called Garous; note the intricate arabesques and floral motifs in the field. Somewhere between tribal symbolism and Safavid period garden carpet weaving, this rug takes us back to at time where every aspect of rug making (spinning the yarn, dyeing the wool, and weaving) was done by highly skilled craftsmen that would be specially commissioned to work on large court carpets. Dense weave with a very soft ‘handle‘. From the same workshop you can view the contemporary Kamo kilim.

Size(cm): 292 x 215

Size(ft): 9’7 x 7’2

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 292 x 215 cm